Experiment and Analysis for the Horizontal Vibration Control of Access Floor on Reinforced Concrete Structures

철근 콘크리트 구조물의 Access Floor 수평진동 제어를 위한 실험 및 해석

  • Published : 1997.03.01


This paper is on the vibration control of access floor on the frames of reinforced structure. In this study, the horizontal anti-vibration system using precise spring damper was developed and modeling and vibration analysis of the RC structure was performed for the control of horizontal vibration coused by machinery and worker's moving. Experiment was done in three cases, no damper at the RC structures, dampers connecting pedestal to pedestal and pedestal to the structure, for the investigation of the effect of the system on disigned RC structure. For each experiment, the occeleration responses on slab and access floor after giving impact wave and external vibration were measured. It was shown that the magnitude of resonance response of the system with dampers are smaller than without damper and the resonance peak also partly moved to low-frequency range. Furthermore. It was shown that the acceleration components of the system with domoers decreased greatly in high-frequency range and the system was very much effective especially for external vibration. In order to verify the anti-vibration effect of the developed system, the vibration analysis was also done for the system by using the finite element modelling. The analysis results was in good agreement with experimental results. Thus, It is concluded that this study is useful for the design of precise anti-vibration system and micro-vibration control of concrete structures.


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