Analysis of Amplification Factor Spectrum Using Strong Ground Motions Compatible to the Domestic Seismotectonic Characteristics

유사 강지진동을 이용한 수평 및 수직지반응답의 Amplification Factor 스펙트럼 분석

  • 김준경 (세명대학교 자원환경공학과) ;
  • 박창업 (서울대학교 지질학과) ;
  • 조봉곤 (전북대학교 지구환경과학과) ;
  • 지헌철 (한국자원연구소 방재지질연구센터)
  • Published : 1997.03.01


Amplication factor spectrum, using the observed strong ground motions database, has been obtained and compared with Standard Response Spectrum. The observed ground motions from the Miramichi, Nohanni, Sagueray and New Madrid Earthquake (19 vertical components, 36 horizontal components), which are estimated to represent domestic seismotectonic characteristics such as seismic sources, attenuation, and site effect, are used for the analysis of amplification factor spectrum. Amplication factors have been calculated by comparing the observed peak ground motions with results form responses to the observed horizontal and vertical ground motions. The comparison shows that the amplification factors resultant from this study exceed those of Standard Response Spectrum of relatively higher frequencies. The result implles that the characteristics of the seismic strong ground motion, which may represent the domestic seismotectonic characteristics differ from of standard Response Spectrum, especillay of higher frequencies.


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