Characteristics of the 13 December 1996 Yeongwol Earthquake Based on the Phase Analysis

파형분석에 의한 1996년 12월 13일 영월지진의 특성

  • 김우한 (경상대학교 지질학과) ;
  • 지헌철 (한국자원연구소 방재연구센타) ;
  • 전명순 (한국자원연구소 방재연구센타) ;
  • 김성균 (전남대학교 지질학과)
  • Published : 1997.03.01


The seismic of the main shock and two after shocks of the Yeongwol Earthquake are studied based on the phase analysis. The travel time curves and two point ray tracing with 12 different possible phases are used to analyze the phases of the records, which were provided by KIGAM seismic network. The results of phase analysis of the Yeongwol Earthquake show the characteristics as follows 1) The main shock ($M_s$=4.5) clearly shows Pn phase but two after shocks ($M_s$=3.8 and $M_s$=2.5) do not show Pn phase. 2) The Pg PmP looks as first arrival phase in the after shock records whose epicentral distance is smaller or larger than 145 km, 3). It is very difficult to identify the phases in the seismic records, which ae related to the Conrad discontinulty, even if the Conrad discontiulty exists. 4) The record of GRE station located outside of the Kyeongsan Basin shows different arrival time of Pn phase, P-S duration time and frequency comared with those of the other stations located within the Kyeongsan Basin.


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