Seismic Response of Structure on Flexible Foundation

유연한 기초 위에 세워진 구조물의 지진거동

  • Published : 1997.03.01


Seismic analyses of structures were carried out in the past assuming a right base and Ignoring the characteristics of foundations and the properties of the underlying soil. Resent soil-structure interaction studies show that seismic response of structure can be affected significantly by these fators. Typical effects of the soil-structure interaction are the kinematic interaction of a rigid massiess foundation and the inertial interaction between underlying soil and structure. The kinematic interaction effect is particularly important for embedded foundations and can be ignored for surface foundations with vertically propagating waves. In this study, seismic response of structure was investigated with four buildings in Mexico City considering only the inertial interaction effect and using the E-W components of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake records. The study was carried out for surface foundations and pile foundations with linear and nonlinear soil conditions, comparing the results with those of the rigid base.


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