Prediction Approach with a Stiffness Measure in Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

철근 콘크리트 구조물의 비선형 동적 해석을 위한 성치 측정에 의한 예측 접근법

  • Published : 1997.03.01


Current seismic design philosophy for reinforced concrete (RC) structures on energy dissipation through large inelastic defomations. A nonlinear dynamic analysis which is used to represent this behavior is time consuming and expensive, particularly if the computations have to be repeated many times. Therefore, the selection of an efficient yet accurate alogorithm becomes important. The main objective of the present study is to propose a new technique herein called the prediction approach with siffness measure (PASM) method in the convetional direct integration methods, the triangular decomposition of matrix is required for solving equations of motion in every time step or every iteration. The PASM method uses a limited number of predetermined decomposed effective matrices obtained from stiffness states of the structure when it is deformed into the nonlinear range by statically applied cyclic loading. The method to be developed herein will reduce the overall numerical effort when compared to approaches which recompute the stiffness in each time step or iteration.


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