An Analysis of Cylindrical Tank of Elastic Foundation by Transfer Matrix and Stiffness Matrix

전달행렬과 강성행렬에 의한 탄성지반상의 원형탱크해석

  • Published : 1997.03.01


Even though there are many analysis methods of circular tanks on elastic foundation, the finite element method is widely used for that purpose. But the finite element method requires a number of memory spaces, computation time to solve large stiffness equations. In this study many the simplified methods(Analogy of Beam on Elastic Foundation, Foundation Stiffness Matrix, Finite Element Method and Transfer Matrix Method) are applied to analyze a circular tank on elastic foundation. By the given analysis methods, BEF analogy and foundation matrix method, the circular tank was transformed into the skeletonized frame structure. The frame structure was divided into several finite elements. The stiffness matrix of a finite element is related with the transfer matrix of the element. Thus, the transfer matrix of each finite element utilized the transfer matrix method to simplify the analysis of the tank. There were no significant difference in the results of two methods, the finite element method and the transfer matrix method. The transfer method applied to a circular tank on elastic foundation resulted in four simultaneous equations to solve completely.


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