A Method of Nonlinea Color Transform from CIE $L^{*}a^{*}b^{*}$ to CMY Value by Neural Network

신경망에 의한 CIE $L^{*}a^{*}b^{*}$-CMY의 비선형 색변환

  • Published : 1997.04.01


The field of printing to use pressurized ink using screen gossamer that is called screen printing. Existing cleaning solvents for the screen printing are the organic solvents containing aromatic compounds and stench. Also, Cleaning method of screen printing are for the most part mixed cleaning method of dipping and polish. In this study, we measured the cleaning efficiency by gravimetric analysis and the property change of gossamer by image analyzer using existing cleaning solvent. Also, we investigated a new cleaning process showing excellent cleaning efficiency using the ultrasonic and vibration cleaning method instead of the exsiting mixed cleaning method.