Occurrence of Mahasena aurea (Butler) (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) Attacking Ginkgo biloba L. and Its Life Cycle in Korea

은행나무를 가해하는 검정주머니나방 (나비목: 주머니나방과)의 발생 및 생활사

  • 이상길 (임업연구원 산림곤충과) ;
  • 권영대 (경기도 산림환경연구소) ;
  • 김복균 (경기도 산림환경연구소) ;
  • 변봉규 (임업연구원 산림곤충과) ;
  • 오용기 (경기도 산림환경연구소) ;
  • 이범영 (임업연구원 산림곤충과)
  • Published : 1997.09.01


The local distribution and life cycle of Mahasma aurea (Butler) attacking Ginkgo biloba L. in Seoul and Incheon areas were studied during 1994 - 1996. The species had one generation a year. The overwintered 3rd larvae begin to feed on buds of the host plant from mid May and then on the leaves until early June. Newly hatched larvae mostly infested the leaves from mid August to late September. Pupation took place from mid June to early July, and the moths emerged in early July.