Genetic Relationships among the Parental Bombyx mori Strains of the Current F$_1$ Hybrid Silkworm based on RAPD

RAPD를 이용한 장려누에품종의 원종간 유전적 유연관계

  • Published : 1997.09.01


The genetic relationships among the twenty parental silkworm, Bombyx mori strains authorized in Korea were evaluated using RAPDs-PCR(Random Amplified Polymorphic DNAs-Polymerase Chain Reaction). Twenty-six different 10-mer oligonucleotide primers were used to screen genetic characteristics of parental twenty silkworm strains by RAPD-PCR analysis. 24 primers showed different banding patterns among the strains. Based on these RAPD patterns, the genetic relationships among the silkworm strains were analyzed by UPGMA(Unweighed Pair-Group Method with Arithmetic average) method. The phylogenetic relationships in the twenty silkworm strains were classified into two major sub-groups at the genetic similarity coefficient of 0.60. The first sub-group included Jaml13, Jaml 19, Jaml20, Jam123, Jam1 25 and Jam 127. Jamll4, Jam1 2 I, Jam 122, Jam 124, Jam1 26, Jam 128, Jam129, Jam 130, Jam 131, Jam1 32, Jam133, Jam134, Jam301 and Jam302 were included in the 2nd group. The genetic distance values among Jam1 14, Jam120 and Jam127 were lower than those among the other strains, while Jam129 is very closely related to Jam131 as showing coefficient value of 1 .O.