Measurement of Dispersion Relation of Plasma Wave

플라즈마 파동의 분산관계 측정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1997.09.01


The analytical solutions of the Fraunhofer Diffraction(FD) theory and the principle for measurement of the dispersion relation of plasma wave is presented. Especially, the method for measurement of low-frequency wave is discussed. The wavenumbers of the density fluctuations are obtained from the curve fitting between the expremental FD profile and theoretical one for each frequency component. In measurement of the wavenumber of the low -frequency region, the information of the wavenumber is easily obtained from the ratio of the intensity at = 0 to the intensity at =0.5. The millimeter wave FD apparatus was designed to measure low-frequency density fluctuations. The determined wavenumbers are in the range of =0.1~ 1.0cm. Thus, the millimeter wave FD method was shown to be useful for the measurement of low-frequency density fluctuations, which are impossible to be measured by using a convention. Thomson scattering. The obtained dispersion relations will be useful information for plasma waves.



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