Spectral Model of Turbulent Burning Velocity Taking Account of the Diffusivity of Deficient Reactant

부족성분 확산계수의 영향을 고려한 난류연소속도의 스펙트럼 모델

  • Published : 1997.09.01


The formerly proposed spectral model of turbulent burning velocity is refined for nonstoichiometric hydrocarbon mixtures. Refinements are made in regard to the following two points : (1) an effect of the diffusivity of deficient reactant on the turbulent burning velocity and (2) consideration of increasing laminar name thickness with a decrease in the laminar burning velocity A comparison between the predicted turbulent velocities and the measured ones is made. The predictions by the refined spectral model agree quantatively well with the experimental results in the regime of practical equivalence ratio, but not in the high and low equivalence ratio regime.



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