A Study on the Hull-dimension of 89 ton class Stow-net Vessel with Stern-fishing

89톤급 선미식 안강망어선의 선형치수에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1997.09.01


This paper presents the optimum dimension of 89 ton class stow-net vessel with stern-fishing. The model of basic design is developed by using the optimization techniques referring to objective function and numerous constraints as follows; speed, fishing quantity, fishing days, catch per unit effort(CPUE), and weight/ratio of main dimensions, etc. Thus, the basic design of stow-net fishing vessel is built up by using the optimization of the design variables called the economic optimization criteria, and the objective function represents the criterion which is cost benefit ratio(CBR). The main conclusions are as follows. 1. S/W for decision of optimum hull size is developed in 89 ton class stow-net fishing vessel which is constructed with optimization of the design variables called the economic optimization criteria. 2. For optimum ship dimensions in 89 ton class stow-net fishing vessel, the hull dimensions can be obtained in the range of L= 27.3m, B = 6.6m, D = 2.80m, Cb = 0.695, T/D = 0.80, $\Delta$(displacement)=281.7ton with 10 knots.



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