Measurement of Synergistic Effects of Binary Sweetener Mixtures

  • Published : 1997.12.01


Some sensory properties of synthetic sweeteners are limiting factors for use in low calorie foods of soft drinks. By combining synthetic sweeteners(Neohesperidin dihydrochacone(NHDC), stevioside) with sucrose, sorbitol or xylitol, these limitations can be overcome. Using trained taste panelists and magnitude estimation methods, synergistic effects were investigated in binary sweetener mixtures, The results showed that synergism, as much as 28% to 69%,was noted at all concentration in xylitol-stevioside, NHDC-stevioside mixtures. Synergistic effects were found only at high concentration levels in mixtures of sucrose-NHDC, sucrose-stevioside, and sorbitol-stevioside, ranging from 11% to 22%.By taking advantage of synergistic effects, ginseng tea and orange flavored beverages, sweetened with either xylitol-stevioside of NHDC-stevioside, were prepared and the sensory quality was compared with that of sucrose containing beverages. It was found that sensory characteristics were judged to be very similar for all formulations. The result suggests the possibility of using of using these sweetener mixtures as sugar substitutes in ginseng tea and orange drink.