Candida tropicalis에 의한 Xylose 와 Glucose로부터 Xylitol 생산

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  • Published : 1997.10.01


Xylitol production from xylose and glucose was investigated using Candida tropicalis KFCC-10960. As glucose concentration in xylose medium was increased, ethanol production increased. However, xylitol production was maximum at glucose concentration of 10 g/l. The concentrated cells grown on xylose or glucose were inoculated in xylose medium. The specific activities of xylose reductase and xylitol dehydrogenase, and xylitol production in concentrated cells grown on glucose were the same as those in concentrated cells grown on xylose. The results suggested that cells grown on glucose had the same xylitol producing activity as those grown on xylose. By feeding glucose in xylose medium, cell growth was achieved from glucose and xylitol production was obtained from xylose. By using this technique, a final xylitol concentration of 261 g/l was achieved from 300 g/l xylose in 41 hours which corresponded to a xylitol yield from xylose of 87% and a xylitol productivity of 6.37 g/1-h.


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