Hansenula sp. MS-364의 생육과 Formate Dehydrogenase의 활성

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  • Published : 1997.08.01


Medium components for maximum activity of NAD$^{+}$-dependent formate dehydrogenase (EC; FDH) were optimized with a methanol-assimilating yeast Hansenula sp. MS-364, preserved by our laboratory. The maximum activity of the enzyme was obtained when the strain was cultivated at 30$circ$C for 24 hours in a medium containing methanol 3%(v/v), yeast extract 0.8%(w/v), K$_{2}$HPO$_{4}$, 0.1%(w/v), KH$_{2}$PO$_{4}$ 0.1%(W/V), MgSO$_{4}$, 7H$_{2}$O 0.05%(w/v), and the pH of the culture broth was adjusted at 5.0.


hansenula sp.;Formate dehydrogenase;Methylotrophs


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