Celluomonas sp. AP-7이 생산하는 Ascorbic Acid Phosphorylating Enzyme의 정제 및 특성

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  • Published : 1997.06.01


An ascorbic acid phosphorylating enzyme, which catalyzes the formation of ascorbic acid-2-phosphate from ascorbic acid and pyrophosphate, was purified 32.7-folds to homogeneity from a cell-free extract of Cellulomonas sp. AP-7. The combination of DEAE- Sephacel ion exchange chromatography and Sephacryl S-200 get filtration was used for their purification. The molecular weight of the native protein was estimated to be 96.lkDa on high performance gel filtration chromatography. The SDS-PAGE analysis indicated that the protein consisted of four identical subunits of 24.6 kDa. The purified enzyme showed the optimal tempeature of 40$\circ$C and optimal pH of 4.5. The Km for ascorbic acid and pyrophosphate were 119 mM and 11.9 mM, respectively. The addition of 5,5'-dithiobis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid) into the reaction mixture resulted in the reduction of the enzyme activity at 51%. The enzyme also had a phosphatase activity at weakly acidic pH and the Km for ascorbic acid-2-phosphate in phosphatase activity was 7.9 mM.



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