Isolation of cDNA Encoding Double-Stranded RNA Binding Protein (RBFII)

이중선RNA결합담백질(RBFII)의 cDNA분리

  • 박희성 (대구효성카톨릭대학교 식물육종학과)
  • Published : 1997.09.01


As an initial effort to elucidate RNA: protein binding in a way to regulate translation initiation and phosphorylation, a cDNA encoding a double-stranded RNA binding factor (RBFII)was isolated from Hela ZAPII cDNA library by affinity screening using [$\alpha$$^{-32}$P] UMP-labeled HIV Rev-responsive element(RRE) RNA. The nucleotide sequence of RBF (or TRBP) cDNA except the 5’end. At the 5’end, This common ORF was fused in-frame to N-terminal residues of Lac-Z through a unique 138 nt sequence encoding 46residues in the case of RBFII and a 63 nt sequence encoding 21 residuces in the case of RBFI. The context of ATG appearing first in the sequences suggests that both these cDNA inserts are incomplete at the 5’end.


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