Effect of Dietary Supplemental Charcoal or Charcoal Extract on Performance and Meat Quality of Broiler Chicks

목탄과 목탄액의 첨가가 육계의 생산성 및 육질에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1997.09.01


This experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of dietary supplemental charcoal(CH) or charcoal extract(CE) on performance and meat quality of broiler chicks for 5 weeks. Basal diets based on corn and soybean meal contained 21% crude protein for the first 3 weeks and 19% for the rest two weeks. Two levels of dietary CH(O, 0.5%) and CE(0, 0.2%) were fed in a factorial design. There were four replicates of 10 chicks each per treatment. An increased growth rate was observed in chicks fed the basal diet supplemented with CE alone. Chicks fed the diet containing both CH and CE tended to depress the growth rate. Dietary supplemental CH and CE improved the feed conversion efficiency compared to the control group, but was not significantly different between them. The abdominal fat(%) of chicks fed CH alone or both CH and CE tended to de-crease without significant difference. The total lipid content of breast meat of chicks fed CE alone showed significant difference among treatments (P


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