An implementation of the automatic labeling rolling-coil using robot vision system

로봇 시각 장치를 이용한 압연코일의 라벨링 자동화 구현

  • Published : 1997.10.01


In this study an automatic rolling-coil labeling system using robot vision system and peripheral mechanism is proposed and implemented, which instead of the manual labor to attach labels Rolling-coils in a steel mill. The binary image process for the image processing is performed with the threshold, and the contour line is converted to the binary gradient which detects the discontinuous variation of brightness of rolling-coils. The moments invariant algorithm proposed by Hu is used to make it easy to recognize even when the position of the center are different from the trained data. The position error compensation algorithm of six degrees of freedom industrial robot manipulator is also developed and the data of the position of the center rolling-coils, which is obtained by floor mount camera, are transferred by asynchronous communication method. Therefore, even if the position of center is changed, robot moves to the position of center and performs the labeling work successfully. Therefore, this system can be improved the safety and efficiency.


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