Aircraft flight simulator development for ergonomics test

인간공학실험용 항공기 모의비행훈련장비 개발

  • Published : 1997.04.01


An aircraft simulator for ergonomics testing and pilot training was developed from the joint work Agency for Defense Development(ADD) and Daewoo Heavy Industry, LTD, in Korea at first time. It is basically to satisfy the requirements established by FAA-AC-120-40C ( 1995-JAN-26). The aircraft simulator will be used mainly for ergonomics testing and pilot training for basic trainer on ADD and Korea Air Force in near futrue. This simulator reproduces faithfully the cockpit and flight characteristics of the KTX-1 aircraft. It is one of the latest full flight simulators that have the CGI(computer graphic image) visual system and six degree of freedom motions system. Development efforts focused on user-oriented design approach for ergonomics testing and flight training of pilots. Main characteristics of each subsystem are described such as cockpit, instruments, control loading system, motion system, visual system, aural system, instructor operation station and aircraft simulation softwear.