• Nam, Yun-Sun (Global Analysis Research Center Department of Mathematics Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1997.05.01


In this paper, we study the isomorphism problem of Cayley permutation graphs. We obtain a necessary and sufficient condition that two Cayley permutation graphs are isomrphic by a direction-preserving and color-preserving (positive/negative) natural isomorphism. The result says that if a graph G is the Cayley graph for a group $\Gamma$ then the number of direction-preserving and color-preserving positive natural isomorphism classes of Cayley permutation graphs of G is the number of double cosets of $\Gamma^\ell$ in $S_\Gamma$, where $S_\Gamma$ is the group of permutations on the elements of $\Gamma and \Gamma^\ell$ is the group of left translations by the elements of $\Gamma$. We obtain the number of the isomorphism classes by counting the double cosets.


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