Gender Differences in the Conception of Love, Sexual Attitudes, land Mate Conditions of Unmarried Men and Women

미혼남녀의 사랑과 성에 대한 태도 및 배우자 선택 조건

  • 김경신 (전남대학교 가정대학 가정관리학과)
  • Published : 1997.06.01


The purposes of this article were three folds; to find general trends of the conception of love, sexual attitudes and mate conditions of unmarried men and women, to investigate relationships among them and to analyze the effect of significant variables influencing mate conditions. The samples were the 164 unmarried men and 235 unmarried women living in Kwang-ju. Major findings were as follows; 1) Unmarried men revealed higher concern in commitment of love and they were more liberal in sexual attitudes than women. Women desired higher level of mate conditions than men compared with themselves. 2) Women's conception of love was more related to their sexual attitudes and homogeneous mate conditions than men. Men's sexual attitudes were related to their homogeneous mate conditions, while those of women were related to interactional mate conditions. 3) Men's external mate conditions were affected by job, and internal mate conditions were affected by passion of love and sex role attitude. Men's homogeneous mate conditions were affected by attitude of premarital sexual experience, intimacy of love and conception of sexuality, and those of women's were affected by passion of love and age. Men's interactional mate conditions were affected by sex role attitude, job and education. Therefore unmarried men and women's conception of love and sexual attitudes were associated with homogeneous and interactional mate conditions.