Preparation of Sophorose-II. Preparation of Sophorose from the Culture Broth of Torulopsis bombicola and the Pod of Sophora japonica

Sophorose의 제조-II. 효모(Torulopsis bombicola) 배양액 및 회화나무(Sophora japonica)로부터 Sophorose의 제조

  • Published : 1997.04.28


A yeast, Torulopsis bombicola, was cultured in the media fortified with soybean oil as a additional carbon source for 7 days with reciprocal shaking. From the culture broth, sophorose-lipid was isolated and treated with alkali to afford sophorose. The sophorose contained in the medium was acetylated and isolated through silica gel column chromatography. The aceylated sophorose was hydrolyzed with 5% KOH at room temperature to give rise to sophorose. Meanwhile, the MeOH extracts obtained from the pod of Sophora japonica was solvent-fractionated with n-BuOH and $H_2O$, and butanolic layer was chromatographed on silica gel column to afford a flavonoide-glycoside. The glycoside was hydrolyzed with 0.02 N $H_2SO_4$ to yield sophorose.