Pharmaceutical Substances of Platycodon grandiflorus (jacquin) A. De Candolle

도라지의 약리성분

  • Shin, Pyung-Gyun (National Alpine Agricultural Experiment Station, RDA) ;
  • Ryu, Jin-Chang (National Agricultural Science and Technology, RDA) ;
  • Jang, Dae-Sik (Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Gyeongsang National University) ;
  • Cho, Sung-Hwan (Department of Food Science and Technology, Gyeongsang National University) ;
  • Chung, Jin-Hwan (Department of Food Science and Technology, Gyeongsang National University)
  • 신평균 (농촌진흥청 고령지농업시험장) ;
  • 류진창 (농촌진흥청 농업과학기술원 분자유전과) ;
  • 장대식 (경상대학교 농화학과) ;
  • 조성환 (경상대학교 식품공학과) ;
  • 정진환 (경상대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1997.04.28


Platycodon root contains abundant pharmaceutical substances and is widely used as a food and a medicinal herb. The three-year-old and the 24-year-old Platycodon roots cultivated in a local farm were analysed and compared with their pharmaceutical substances to identify the major components. Reverse column HPLC analysis of ethanol extracts from the 24-year-old roots showed some distintive peaks after the retention time of 50 min which were absent in the extracts from the three-year-old roots. This indicates that several pharmaceutical substances are present in the older roots. There were no differences in sterol composition and saponin content between the 24-year and three-year-old roots. The 15-year-old and the 23-year-old Platycodon roots, the 6-year-old Ginseng root, and the three-year-old Condonopsis root all did not show significant anticomplement activity.