Synthesis of New 2-Iminothiazolines and Their Antifungal Activities

새로운 2-이미노티아졸린 유도체의 합성과 항균 활성(I)

  • Published : 1997.04.28


This research aims at developing a new pesticide by means of synthesizing new 2-iminothiazoline derivatives and testing their bilolgical activity. In an effort to prepare 2-iminothiazolines, primary amines were treated to have reaction with isothiocyanate, followed by a treatment of ${\alpha}-halo$ ketone derivatives. Their antifungal activaty was tested against six different plant diseases. A compound that has a phenylimino group at C-2, methyl at C-3, phenylcarbamoylmethyl at C-4, and hydrogen at C-5 on the thiazoline skeleton was found to be most active.