Survey on the Chitinolytic Activity from Some Animals for the Industrial Utilization

공업적 이용을 위한 동물성 키틴분해효소의 탐색

  • Published : 1997.04.28


This study was aimed to survey inexpensive and reliable sources of chitinase from the animal origin. The stomach and its content of the broiler, the cod, the yellowtail and ${\beta}-glucuronidase$ from snail gut showed a considerable chitinolytic activity, while those of the bas didn't have any detectable activity. These crude enzymes was found to have both endo- and exochitinase activity. The effects of pH and temperature on the enzyme activity were variable. The hydrolytic products of colloidal chitin by the enzyme preparation from the broiler and the cod were chitooligomers having the degree of polymerization between 3 and 5. Furthermore we observed the chitosanolytic activity from these enzymes. In the degradation of chitosan the chyme of the broiler had the highest activity and ${\beta}-glucuronidase$ from snail gut followed. On the basis of the fact that the by-product of the broiler was not only commercially available but also the most potent in the endochitinase activity and the lowest in the exochitinase activity, we conclude that the gizzard and its chyme are considered as the most suitable source of the industrial chitinase among animals studied in this paper.