A Study on Calibration of Neutron Moisture Gauge Using MCNP4A

MCNP4A 전산코드를 이용한 중성자 수분함량 측정기의 교정식 및 교정상수 도출방법 연구

  • Published : 1997.12.30


Time-consuming experiments have been required in the development of neutron moisture gauge to induce a relation between the water content in soil and the neutron counts. Applying a monte carlo computer code to simulate the experiments of neutron moisture gauging may contribute to reduce time and efforts for experiments and produce a calibration equation which is more applicable to soil in general. In this study MCNP4A, a monte carlo computer code, was employed to simulate soil experiments and the simulated results were compared with experimental ones. The comparative study showed that MCNP4A is applicable to simulate the experiments and calibration equation can be obtained through simulations. Effects of dry density changes were also studied.