Development of Relative Calibration Method for Measurement of Radon and Application

라돈농도 측정을 위한 고체비적검출기의 상대교정법 개발 및 응용

  • Published : 1997.12.30


A relative-calibration-method of solid-state-track-detector for measurement of radon in air has been developed, and the concentration of radon in each room of a 15th-floor-apartment was measured by using the relative calibrated SSTD. There is a tendency to decrease the concentration of radon when the floor is higher, but the main factor to reduce the concentration of radon in room appeared to be ventilation rate. Average concentration of radon of the 15th-floor-apartment was $1.50{\pm}0.51pCi/l$, and the highest and the lowest concentration of radon were $2.68{\pm}0.32pCi/l$, $0.69{\pm}0.16pCi/l$ respectively.