Variations in Soil-to-Red Pepper Transfer Factors of Radionuclides with Time of Their Application and Fruit Harvest

고추 재배시 방사성 핵종 처리 및 열매수확 시기에 따른 토양-작물체간 전이계수의 변이

  • Published : 1997.09.30


A mixed solution of $^{54}Mn$, $^{60}Co$, $^{85}Sr$ and $^{137}Cs$ was applied to the soil of culture boxes in a greenhouse 2 days before transplanting red pepper and at 3 different times during its growth for investigating transfer factors ($m^2/kg-dry$) for its green and red fruits. Transfer factors varied with radionuclide, application time and harvest time by factors of about $20{\sim}100$. They decreased mostly in the order of $^{85}Sr>^{54}Min>^{60}Co>^{137}Cs$ while $^{54}Mn$ and $^{60}Co$ was higher than $^{85}Sr$ when time lapse between application and harvest was short. Transfer factors of $^{85}Sr$ and $^{137}Cs$ at the last application were lower than those at the previous one by factors of $3{\sim}20$ depending on harvest time. Variations in $^{54}Mn$ and $^{60}Co$ transfer factors with application time after transplanting were comparatively low. Transfer factors of $^{54}Mn$, $^{60}Co$ and $^{85}Sr$ mixed with topsoil before transplanting were up to $3{\sim}9$ times higher than those for the application onto soil surface 2 days after transplanting while there was no difference in $^{137}Cs$. The present results can be referred to in estimating root-uptake concentrations of the radionuclides in red pepper fruit and taking proper measures for its harvest and consumption at the event of an accidental release during the growing season of red pepper.