Characteristics of $CaSO_4$:Dy TL Dosimeters by Determining LLDs, Fadings and Sensitivity Changes in Repeat Uses

최소검출한계, 잠상퇴행 및 반복사용으로 인한 감도면화 결정에 의한 $CaSO_4$:Dy 열형광선량계 특성

  • Published : 1997.09.30


Theoretical and experimental determination of the lower limits of detection (LLD) of C-300-A $CaSO_4$:Dy TL dosimeters which are currently used for the personnel monitoring in Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI) are described with a critical level which is defined as the signal level above which a result has a probability of being due to a fluctuation of the background. The personnel monitoring processors can derived easily the LLD of their system using this method with the background readings of their service interval and the irradiation readings of the known doses. Experimental studies were also conducted for the fading rates of the dosimeters with the temperatures and humidities for 3 months. Finally sensitivity changes in repeat uses were measured for 40 times consecutive uses of the dosimeters. The applications of the experimental results of fading rates and sensitivity changes in real personnel monitoring services are discussed briefly.