A Study of Performance Characteristics for Electronic Personal Dosimeters in Photon and Electron Radiation Field

광자 및 베타 방사선에 대한 전자개인선량계의 성능특성연구

  • Published : 1997.06.30


TLD and film badges have been traditionally used as formal dosimeters in personal monitoring and are still most widely used. Recently, electronic personal dosimeters based upon Si diode or miniature G-M tube were developed and are getting attractions due to their merits of active nature ; indication of dose rates and the commutative dose, and facilitation of record keeping and radiological control. Response characteristics of the electronic dosimeters including reproducibility, accuracy, linearity, energy and angular dependencies, detection threshold, and response time were examined for three commercial types ; EPD2, STEPHEN6000, and PD-3i. The results were compared with the relevant requirements of IEC standards and Ontario Hydro standards to conclude that their general performances were good. Some specific deficiencies, e.g. incapability of shallow dose measurement of STEPHEN6000, and PD-3i, however, should be corrected to be used as a formal dosimeter.