Fabrication and Evaluation of Radiation Shielding Property of Epoxy Resin-Type Neutron Shielding Materials

에폭시수지계 중성자 차폐재의 제조 및 방사선 차폐능 평가

  • Published : 1997.06.30


Epoxy resin-type neutron shielding materials, KNS(Kaeri Neutron Shield)-101, KNS-102, and KNS-103 have been fabricated to be used in spent fuel shipping cask. The base material is epoxy resin, and polypropylene, aluminium hydroxide, and boron carbide are added. These shielding materials offer good fluidity at processing, which makes it possible to apply this resin shield to complicated geometric shapes such as shipping cask. The shielding property of these shielding materials for shipping cask for loading 28 PWR spent fuel assemblies has been evaluated. ANISN code is used to evaluate the shielding property of the shipping cask with the thickness of the three neutron shielding materials greater than 10 cm. As a result of analysis, the maximum calculated dose rate at the radial surface of the cask is determined to be $300{\mu}Sv/h$ and the maximum calculated dose rate at 100 cm from the cask is $97{\mu}Sv/h$. These dose rates remain within allowable values specified in related regulations.