Ionizing Radiation Effect on the Carbohydrate Moiety of Chicken Ovomucoid

계란 ovomucoid의 탄수화물 부분에 미치는 이온화방사선의 영향

  • Published : 1997.03.30


Radiation effects on carbohydrate moiety of chicken ovomucoid, a protease inhibitor as a typical allergenic glycoprotein of egg white, was observed. The trypsin inhibitory activity of chicken ovomucoid decreased exponentially and the inactivation was more significant irradiated in $N_2$ than in $O_2$. From the protein blotting, radiation caused protein degradation in $O_2$ and protein aggregation also in $N_2$. The patterns of carbohydrate blotting were also similar with that of protein blotting. Sugar chains in low molecular weight fraction (MW<5,000) were released by radiation and those in $O_2$ were higher than in $N_2$. From the HPLC patterns of the degradation of sugar chains, all peaks of oligosaccharides have the tendency to decrease with the increase of radiation dose and more remarkable in $O_2$ than in $N_2$. These results suggest that ionising radiation could cause the overall conformational changes of ovomucoid by the degradation and release of oligosaccharides.