Structural Characterization of a Flavonoid Compound Scavenging Superoxide Anion Radical Isolated from Capsella bursa-pastoris

  • Kweon, Mee-Hyang (Institute of Biotechnology, Korea University) ;
  • Kwak, Jae-Hyock (Department of Food Technology, Korea University) ;
  • Ra, Kyung-Soo (Department of Food Nutrition, Taegu Technical Junior College) ;
  • Sung, Ha-Chin (Department of Genetic Engineering, Korea University) ;
  • Yang, Han-Chul (Department of Food Technology, Korea University)
  • Received : 1996.04.26
  • Published : 1996.09.30


A superoxide anion radical scavenger isolated from Capsella bursa-pastoris was characterized by infrared (IR) spectroscopy, sugar analysis, ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy, $^{1}H$ and $^{13}C$ nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopies, and fast atom bombardment (FAB) mass analysis. The compound was assumed to be a flavonoid-O-glycoside from IR spectrum and UV absorption maxima. When the sugar composition of the compound was examined by thin layer chromatography (TLC) and gas chromatography (GC) of the acid hydrolysate, only glucose was detected. According to the results of UV spectrotroscopy by using shift reagents, the compound was supposed to be luteolin (5,7,3',4'-tetrahydroxy flavone) or chrysoeriol (5,7,4'-trihydroxy-3'-methoxy flavone) with glucose. Based on $^{1}H$- and $^{13}C-NMR$ spectroscopies, the compound was deduced as 7,4'-dihydroxy-5,3'-dimethoxy-${\alpha}$-6-c-glucosyl-${\beta}$-2"-o-glucosyl flavone. In FAB mass analysis the compound was finally characterized as 7,4'-dihydroxy-5,3'-dimethoxy-${\alpha}$-6-c-glucosyl-${\beta}$-2"-o-glucosyl flavone ($C_{29}H_{34}O_{16}$, M.W.=638).


Capsella bursa-pastoris;7,4'-dihydroxy-5.3'-dimethoxy-${\alpha}$-6-c-glucosyl-${\beta}$-2"-o-glucosyl flavone;superoxide anion radical scavenger


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