Effects of Operating Variables on the Conversion of Meta Boric Acid Formation in a Bubble Column Reactor

기포탑 반응기에서 조작변수가 meta 붕산 생성반응 전환율에 미치는 영향

  • Received : 1996.03.11
  • Accepted : 1996.04.17
  • Published : 1996.06.10


Effects of operating variables on the conversion of the formation reaction of meta boric acid from ortho boric acid in a laboratory-scale bubble column reactor were investigated to obtain the basic data which are indispensable for the design, scale-up, control, development and operation of industrial bubble column reactors. Reaction time and pressure, particle size of reactant and gas flow rate were chosen as experimental variables. Effects of the experimental variables on the gas holdup in the bubble column reactor were also discussed in relation to the conversion of reaction. From the results of this study, the optimum conditions were drawn as follows : Reaction time ; 35~40(min), reaction pressure ; 92~95(kPa), particle size ; under $0.6{\times}10^{-3}(m)$, gas flow rate ; 0.07~0.08(m/s).



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