A Theoretical Study of Personal Characteristics of Online Searchers

온라인 탐색자의 개인적 특성에 관한 문헌연구

  • 유재옥 (덕성여자대학교 도서관학과)
  • Published : 1996.12.01


A variety of searcher traits, characteristics, subject background and behaviors have been the subject of investigations exploring various hypotheses relating to searching performances. Previous studies have focused on searchers personal characteristics such as training, experience, subject knowledge, intelligence, cognitive style, attitude and searching style, Each of these factors is examined in this paper in order to find out searcher's personal characteristics affecting searching performance. Surprisingly, searching training and experience have not been found to influence searching performance. The hypothesis that intellectual ability correlates with the ability to online search seems to have little effect Various cognitive styles of searchers were tested to find out whether they relate to search results. Only FD/Fl cognitive style were found to be significant in relation to search results. Searchers showed a variety of attitudes about online searching. They revealed sensitivity toward searching charges. The attitude toward charges was reflected on the searching behavior. The sensitive searchers tend to conduct cost-effective searches, Searching styles of intermediaries were characterized as interactive and fast batch. It was found that experienced searchers prefer simple searches which do not explore the interactive capabilities of online system. In summary, previous studies have confirmed that there are apparently great individual differences among online searchers in searching behaviors as well as attitudes. But relationships between these individual differences and search performance were too weak to be significant.