A Prospect and Tasks for Regional Development of Youngnam Area: (2) Conditions on Future Development and Alternative Regional Planning

영남지역 발전의 전망과 과제 : (2) 발전여건과 대안적 개발계획

  • 최병두 (대구대학교 지리교육과)
  • Published : 1996.06.30


This paper is the second part of a research which aims to look into the regional development process and the quality of life of Youngnam area. and to suggest a prospect and tasks for the future development of the region. All cities and regions including Youngnam area seem to be involved in a rapidly changing process of conditions for development, because of a recent economic and political transformation in the national and global scale. It can be thus said that, taking such a process into consideration seriously, each city or region needs to establish a long-term prospect and goal, and to set up and practicize its development plan. From this point of view, this paper reconsiders the changing process of conditions for development of Youngnam region, and suggests an alternative development plan. At the first, the changing conditions of regional development are investigated in economic, political, social, cultural and environmental aspects. Secondly, some actual planning practices in this regions are examined and their problems are pointed out. Thirdly, an alternative model for regional development is suggested and development tasks in each aspects are discussed in relation to each other. Finally some regional development strategies are provided in the spatial as well as the sectoral dimision. As a results of this research, it is argued that the development of Youngnam region should pursue both an improvement of socio-cultural and ecological institutions for ensuring humane life of dwellers within the region, and a enforcement of economic and political self-sufficiency in an organic relation between regions and to the whole society. This kind of argument can be applied to every city or region. But it would more significant for Youngnam region, because this region, which once experienced a rapid economic growth but now is fallen into a serious economic stagnation, tends to contrive material plans to redevelop regional economy, while ignoring social plans to improve quality of life.