Use of Jumbo Formulation for Paddy-applicable Pesticides

농약 살포작업의 생력화를 위한 투척처리용 점보제의 연구개발에 관하여

  • Published : 1996.03.31


Recent development in Japan on jumbo formulation of pesticides for paddy application by hand throw was reviewed. In addition, the diffusion of liquid formulations in water was examined to establish the research strategy for the jumbo formulation. Research on jumbo formulation in Japan has been focused on gas-generating formulations and self-emulsifiable formulations. Although continuous efforts to minimize the problem of pesticide deposit on the treated site have been made for the gas-generating formulations, much work is still needed to establish a generally acceptable formulation method and to commercialize a herbicide formulation. The self-emulsifiable jumbo formulations have recently been investigated. These formulations could simply be processed and showed relatively high biological efficacy. The emulsifiable concentrate was more diffusible than the suspension concentrate in water. The diffusion of the emulsifiable concentrate was not greatly disturbed by floating obstacles. And the diffusion rate was high when the specific grabity was lower than one.