Metabolism of $^{14}C-{\alpha}-Endosulfan$ in Mouse in vivo

생쥐 체내에서 $^{14}C-{\alpha}-Endosulfan$의 대사

  • Published : 1996.03.31


Absorption, distribution, excretion and metabolism of $^{14}C-{\alpha}-Endosulfan$[1,4,5,6,7,7-hexachloro-8,9,10-=trinorborn-5-en 2,3-ylenebismethylene]sulfite) were studied in male mouse(Balb/c) after single intraperitoneal treatment as the dose level of 7.5 mg/kg body weights. After treatment of $^{14}C-{\alpha}-endosulfan$, the radioactivity was rapidly excreted into the urine(63.9 %) within 4 days, thereafter the excretion ratio was constant. Radioactivity levels in the tissues was reached maximum 0.5 hr in heart, 2 hrs in liver and kidney after the treatment, then decreased with time. Endosulfan was metabolized to ${\beta}-endosulfan({\beta}-E)$, endosulfan ether(EE), endosulfan sulfate(ES), and endosulfan alcohol(EA). The main metabolites were EA(13.25 %) in liver and endosulfan hydroxyether(EHE)(19.37 %) in kidney. The urinary metabolites were EA(43.21 %), ES(4.78 %), ${\beta}-E$(7.21 %), EE(3.72 %) and EHE(18.04 %).