Historical Review on the Occupational Accidents Proneness

재해빈발성향 연구에 대한 역사적 변천의 고찰

  • 심종칠 (명지대학교 대학원 산업공학과) ;
  • 김창은 (명지대학교 산업공학과) ;
  • 화안번랑 (일본 노동성 산업안전연구소)
  • Published : 1996.09.01


Statistical analysis of occupational accidents plays an important role in establishing measures against accidents and for evaluating safety performance in work places. This research work, numerous numbers of research work have been conducted, which attemped to verify the existence of !he concept of "accident proneness" Also researches have been developed in the fields of systems safety analysis and risk analysis to analyze the characteristics of occupational accidents. This paper presents a brief historical review of these research activities with particular emphasis on the statistical analysis of occupational accidents. Based on this review, further development needs in relation to the statistical research on the occupational accidents in the near future are discussed.discussed.