An Experimental Study on the Safety of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipes under Fatigue Load

피로하중을 받는 유리섬유 보강 플라스틱관의 안전성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.09.01


In this thesis, a series of loading tests are conducted in order to investigate the fracture safety of GFRP(Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics) pipes under fatigue load which are widely used in the developed countries becauses of their natural of anticorrosion and lightweight etc. . Fatigue test is performed by changing number of laminates and loading cycles to examine the flexural strains, the ductility and the fatigue strength for two million repeated loading cycles. From the fatigue test results, it was found that the larger the laminates of GFRP pipes is, the larger the stiffness of GFRP pipes under the fatigue load increases. This phenomenon is true until the fatigue failure. According to the S-N curve drawn by the regression analysis on the fatigue test results, the fatigue strength of percent of the static ultimate strength increases by increasing the laminates of GFRP pipes. The fatigue strength with two million repeated leading cycles in GFRP pipes with the laminates of GFRP pipes varing 15, 25, 35 shows about 75%, 80%, 84% on the static ultimate strength, respectively.