Knowledge Representation for the Automatic Shutdown System in Boiler Plants

보일러 플랜트의 자동 Shutdown 시스템을 위한 지식표현

  • Published : 1996.09.01


Shutdown of boiler plants is a dynamic, complicated, and hazardous operation. Operational error is a major contributor to danserous situations during boiler plant shutdowns. It is important to develop an automatic system which synthesizes operating procedures to safely go from normal operation to complete shutdown. Knowledge representation for automatic shutdown of boiler plants makes use of the hierarchical, rule-based framework for heuristic knowledge, the semantic network, frame for process topology, and AI techniques such as rule matching, forward chaining, backward chaining, and searching. This knowledge representation and modeling account for the operational states, primitive operation devices, effects of their application, and planning methodology. Also, this is designed to automatically formulate subgoals, search for positive operation devices, formulate constraints, and synthesize shutdown procedures in boiler plants.