The Prediction of Resistance of a 23m Class Planing Hull

  • 발행 : 1996.11.01


The present report describes the results of the cooperative experimental study organized by the High-Speed Marine Vehicle Committee of the Korea Towing Tank Conference. The study aims to improve model test technique and accuracy and to self-evaluate their own capabilities. The resistance tests of a 23m class planing hull were performed at the towing tanks of the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO), Hyundai Maritime Research Institute (HMRI), Seoul National University (SNU), Inha University (IU) and Pusan National University (PNU). In addition, the longitudinal wave cut was measured antral and analyzed at the KRISO. All the results of total resistance, trim and mean sinkage are presented in this report and the results show fairly good agreements comparing with the ITTC HSMV committee's report.