A Computational Study on Turbulent Flow Characteristics around Full-form Tankers

  • Published : 1996.11.01


This paper presents the result of a computational study on the wake characteristics of two tanker models, i.e. HSVA and Mystery hull forms. The focus of the study is on the distributions of axial, radial and tangential velocities of the two hull forms in way of the propeller, especially over the propeller disk. The effect of bilge vortices on the velocity distribution is also concerned. For the computation of stern and wake flows of the two hull farms, the incompressible Reynolds-Averaged Wavier-Stokes(RANS) equations are numerically solved by the second order finite difference method, which employs a four stage Runge-Kutta scheme with a residual averaging technique and the Baldwin-Lomax model. The calculated pressure distributions on the hull surface and the axial, radial and tangential velocity distributions over the propeller disk are presented for the two hull forms. Finally, the result of wake analysis for the computed wake distribution over the propeller disk is given in comparison with those for the experimental wake distribution fur the both hull forms.