Lift of and Wave Breaking behind a Moving Submerged Body with Shallow Submergence

  • Published : 1996.05.01


We consider the following two questions mainly in this study. First one is how the free surface hayes affect the lift of a shallowly submerged moving body. For this matte., we reinterpret the theoretical results of Kochin(1936), and point out that the high Froude number approximation is not always on the safer side. Second one is what sort of dimensionless parameters determine the occurrence of wave breaking behind a moving submerged body. Temporarily before getting a better answer, we propose that the two-parameter-plane, namely, the plane of the Froude number and the square root of the ratio of the submerged depth and the body length, may be used for predicting the possibility of wave breaking behind the submerged body. A region in the parameter plane is put forth as that of wave breaking, and the validity of this proposal is shown by its agreement with the existing experimental data of Parkin et al(1955) and those of Duncan(1983). Finally, linear and nonlinear numerical results are compared with the existing experimental data to see in what range of the parameters the linear and nonlinear theory case predict the wave field and the pressure on the body with reasonable accuracy. However, since the experimental data, which offer both the pressure and wave elevation for a submerged moving body, are very scarce, much cannot be attained through this comparative study. Hence, it is strongly recommended to carry out well planned experiments to get such data.