copepoda of Artotrogidae (Siphonostonatoida) from the Sea of Japan

東海産 Artotrogidae科의 橈脚類

  • Published : 1996.12.01


Seventeen copepod species of Artotrogidae are recorded from the Korean cosat of the Sea of Japan. They are 4 new species of Artotrogus, 3 new species of Bradypontius, 4 new species of Cryptopontius, 2 species of Myzopontius (one is new), 2 species of Pteropontius (one is new), and 2 new species of a new genus. Myzopontius pungens Giesbrecht and Pteropontius decorus Ho are also reported as new records for Korean fauna. These artotrogid copepods were collected from 2 species of ryozoan, 1 species of ascidian, sea weeds, and benthic materials. A brief taxonomic review of the genus Artotrogus is given as well.


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