Effect of Sowing Rate of Mixture on the Growth Chracteristics, Forage Yield and Quality of Rye and Rape

호밀과 유채의 혼파비율이 생육특성, 사초수량 및 영양소 수량에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1996.06.30


Rye(Secale cereale L.) shows lower dry matter yield and nutrient content when it was harvested before wintering. This study was conducted to investigate how effect forage rape(Brassicu napus Subsp oleifera), which carries early maturity and can be harvested before wintering, on the increase of the forage yield and nutrient content when rye was sown mixed with the rape. Optimum sowing rate of the rye/rape mixture was also pursued in this study. The five treatment of rye single, rape single, ryel20+rape 1Okg/ha, rye84+rape 7kg/ha and rye60+rape 5kg/ha were sown on 2 September 1989. Rape single plot was cut one time(l9 November 1989) and the other plots were cuted two times(19 November 1989 and 20 May 1990). In botanical composition of the mixtures, rape recorded dominant ratio with 64~69% at the autumn cut. The rye84+rape 7kg/ha mixture plot marked the highest dry matter yield with 4.46t/ha among all the experimental plot at the autumn cut(P<0.05). In year total yield of dry matter(t/ha), rye single, rape single, rye120+rape IOkg/ha, rye84+rape 7kg/ha and rye60+rape 5kg/ha marked 13.6, 4.1, 12.7, 12.9 and 11.8, respectively. In crude protein content, the rye single plot was 17.2% at the autumn cut on the other hand the mixture plots showed increasing tendency with 18.0~19.9%. In crude fiber content, the mixture plots were remarkably lower than rye single plot. In year total yield of crude protein, rye84+rape 7kg/ha mixture plot showed the highest yield with 1.6lt/ha among all the experimental plots. Ratio of crude protein yield to crude fiber yield, rye84+rape 7kg/ha tended to be higher than the other mixture plots. It is confirmed that the rye/rape mixture can produce more forage than the rye single cropping when they are harvested in late autumn, besides the mixture forage contains higher crude protein than that rye single forage. It can be said that the rydrape mixture is more useful than the rye single cropping, and optimum sowing rate of the mixture is 84kg/ha of rye+7kg/ha of rape.