A Study on the Niche Marketing Strategy in Political Advertisements-focusing on the 1996 Parliamentary Election-

정치광고에서의 니치 마케팅 전략 활용에 관한 연구-15대 총선을 중심으로-

  • 이기복 (홍익대학교 광고디자인과)
  • Published : 1996.12.01


For succesful political advertisements the role of mutual communications between advertisers and their targets (i.e. voters) should be magnified, which must be based on the understanding of voter's life-style including the trends of daily life, their philosophy and attitude toward the contemporary matters. During the campaign period for the last parliamentry election the most important issue was nothing but who could be the best representer of their region without any political considerations compared to previous election and the decision made by voters has been evaluated as one of most brilliant ones so far. One thing to note from the last election is that many new faces have been high lighted and that could not have been possible if they could not differentiate their campaign from one of unchanged senior politicians by calling more attentions of voters to them by scrutinizing competitors' election pledges. The differentiation strategy in election campaigns is basically detecting small signs of changes in voters life\ulcornerstyle, bringing them into relief and provoking voters attentions to the election and advertiser. In this sense niche marketing strategy is the differentiating strategy itself and it can be a useful guide in political advertisement for the triumph of advertiser in elections as well as for heathy and fresh political environments on the basis increased attentions of voters. In this paper, aiming at further development of the niche marketing in political advertisements we propose questions whether the niche marketing in the last parliamentary election was introduced on the basis of concept of differentation by analysing last election's strategies targeted at voters specific dispositions.