Trends of fashion journalism - An analysis under fashion article in magazines of korea -

우리나라 잡지의 패션기사를 통해 패션저널리즘의 동향

  • 김영숙 (청주대학교 예술대학 의상디자인 학과)
  • Published : 1996.10.01


In an attempt to teace trands in fashion journalism based on the examination of recent fashion magazines in korea, this study has dealt with the followings: the number of articles on fashion, image of fashion, characteristics of articles, change in "coordinate" and titles, and length of time of publication. The results of this study follow: 1. Among the general magazines for ladies whose titles have been changed, those dedicated to the "Ms class" have increased the pages on fashion and coverage of casual brand: those for housewives have shown no change in contents despite the change in titles, 2. The length of time of publication does not affect the change in the number of articles on fashion. General magazines for ladies have shown the greater "coordinate" in articles on fashion. 3. In terms of the contents of articles on fashion, those devoted to fashion and clothing are specialized and innovation-oriented, whereas general magaines stress the provision of more practical information. 4. The emergence of the X-generation and the newer generation has resulted in positioning of clothing crand, making them chief tarhet them chief tarhet readers.