A study on The Design Education Program of BAUHAUS

BAUHAUS의 조형교육방법에 관한 연구

  • 하상오 (동아대학교 산업미술과)
  • Published : 1996.02.01


The BAUHAUS started as the purpose of training the people who are designers in the industnal society or who have artistic talent as architect, handicraftman, sculptor, and in the construction, it was based for entire organizational training for every handicrafts in the aspect of the art and form. The preliminary course that became the generative power of the human training that have possessed creativity was studied and put in to practice through the formative activity of dIverse form and method according to the educational idea and the educational method of the teachers who are in charge of such edudation, and common access method that forms the fundamental basis was centered not only human being as a formative principle, and analyzed thoroughly with biological function and further until mental and philosophical part but served and thought synthetically and took principal objects at the formative practice. Together with this, the characteristic structure of the BA UHA US's formative education was taking the grouptherapy educational method where there was not distinguish teacher and student and through the liberal criticism and they realize by experience themselves that how to solve the certain subject and pursue the form by compare each other's solutions.